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BIANUAL 83,29 /month your price 41,65 /month

ANUAL 91,62 /month your price 45,81 /month

TRIMESTRAL 99,95 /month your price 49,98 /month

MENSUAL your price 99,95 /month

Control panel

It is necessary for running the service fast and simply.  

Plesk Obsidian - VPS Web Admin Edition (Monthly Lease) your price 3,95 /month

Plesk Obsidian - VPS Web Pro Edition (Monthly Lease) your price 5,95 /month

Plesk Obsidian - VPS Web Host Edition (Monthly Lease) your price 9,95 /month

Licencia Cpanel Admin - VPS/Cloud your price 14,95 /month

Licencia Cpanel Pro - VPS/Cloud your price 19,95 /month

Licencia Cpanel Premier - VPS/Cloud your price 34,95 /month

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Ubuntu 16.04 x86_64

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Additional services

Backup diario Cloud your price 44.95 /month

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Cloud I - Linux Plesk
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