Dell R410 XL Intel Xeon E5620 Administrado

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ANUAL your price 145,75 /month

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MENSUAL your price 159,00 /month

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Plesk Onyx Web Pro Edition (Monthly Lease) your price 5,95 /month

Plesk Onyx Web Host Edition (Monthly Lease) your price 19,95 /month

Plesk Onyx Web Admin Edition (Monthly Lease) your price 3,95 /month

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Centos 7_x64 your price 0 /month

Debian 9_x64 your price 0 /month

Ubuntu 18.04 x64 your price 0 /month

Personalizado your price 0 /month

Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition your price 60 /month

Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition your price 60 /month

Virtuozzo 6 your price 0 /month

VMWare ESXi 6 your price 0 /month

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Dell R410 XL
ANUAL 1749,00

PLESK-12-WEB-PRO 71,40

Centos 7_x64 0,00

2 x 240GB SSD Raid 1 0,00

16 GB 0,00

Dual Intel Xeon E5620 2,4Ghz Turbo HT 0,00

AMOUNT 1820,40
IVA (21%) 382,28